100 Million Year Old Spider With A Tail Found in Amber


Researchers have discovered an approximately 100 million year old spider with tail in an amber. This distinguishes the animal from all known living spider species, according to a statement from the University of Kansas (USA).

The new species is 2.5 millimeters long – without the three millimeters long tail – quite small. It was christened Chimerarachne yingi, as the researchers write in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

The amber in which the spider was discovered by an international research team comes from Myanmar. Due to the remote region of the place of discovery, it could be possible according to the researchers that even relatives – also with tail – live the spider. “We have not found them yet, but some of these forests are not well studied, and it’s a tiny creature,” said Paul Selden of Kansas University.

Little is known about the way of life of the spider. “We can only speculate that she lived on or around trees,” Selden said. Finally, the animal is caught in amber, which is made of tree resin. Maybe the spider lived under tree bark or in the moss. Although the animal was able to make silk threads, it is unclear whether it also built nets, Selden said.


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