Air France-KLM to decide on management after CEO departs


PARIS – Air France-KLM’s board will decide on a management transition plan on 15 May, the company said on Saturday, after CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac said he would step down when staff at its French brand rejected a pay deal.

More than half of the staff at the French carrier who cast a ballot voted against the offer of a 7 percent salary increase over four years, prompting Janaillac to say he would resign.

Strikes over the pay dispute, due to resume on 7 May and 8 May, have cost the company 300 million euros so far.

Janaillac, who is the chairperson at Air France as well as the chair and CEO of parent group Air France-KLM, agreed to stay on until a 15 May shareholder meeting, the company said in a statement.

Air France-KLM’s board will also meet then.


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