Oklahoma Boy With Different Colored Eyes, Adopts A Cat With The Same Features


The little Madden is unique. He was born with different colored eyes and a cleft lip and palate seven years ago. Nothing that would greatly limit him, but Madden was often teased by his classmates in the school bus. His parents now cheer the seven-year-old with a cat as special as he is.

Bullying is a widespread phenomenon in our society. But worst of all is when bullying victims are bullied for something they can not do anything about. One of them is the seven-year-old Madden from Oklahoma. Classmates made fun of his different-colored eyes and especially about his cleft lip. His parents want to nip these bullying attacks in the bud and have a wonderful surprise: They give Madden a cat, which also has different colored eyes. On Facebook Maddens tells Mama Christina:

“This weekend we drove from Oklahoma to Minnesota to pick up the kitten named our Madden ‘Moon’ We have some incredibly generous friends and strangers who helped us make this road trip (just under 1300 kilometers, Note of the Editorial staff) so that we could adopt this cute fur nose, we are very grateful.

Who missed it: These two beautiful boys were both born with a cleft lip and palate and two different eye colors. We knew immediately that they were destined to become best friends. Is not it wonderful that one feels less alone with a pet ?! ”

Madden had previously created an anti-bullying video. In it says the seven-year-old: “Do not be mean to other people who are different, if someone is mean to you, be nice to him, because the unpleasant people need our love most of all.”

It seems a bit like fate has brought Madden and Moon together. Mama Christina now hopes that the cat shows her son that it is not wrong to be unique. The two show us very impressively that, although one sometimes feels different or lonely, someone always sits in the same boat.

The right eye is green, the left is bright blue. This striking phenomenon is called iris heterochromism. Also Hollywood actress Mila Kunis or ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ winner (2012) Luisa Hartema have different colored eyes. Of a million people, there are just four with different eye colors. In heterochromia, there is usually a lack of melanin pigmentation in portions of the eye. Often, the underserved part appears bluish. Incidentally, the phenomenon is much more common in animals than in humans.

Earlier one spoke of a harelip or wolf throat. Today this is considered discriminatory. Every 500th child is born in Germany with this common congenital malformation. In affected persons upper lip, upper jaw and palate are either partially or completely crossed by a gap. In recent years, the number of cases has almost tripled. The fact that in contrast to earlier hardly any children are perceived with this malformation, is mainly due to ever-improving surgical methods. In most cases, infants have to undergo several interventions right up to the age of two. Cleft lip and palate arise in the second month of pregnancy, when the face grows out of separate parts. Alcohol abuse and smoking during pregnancy can be a reason for this.


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