Caught on camera: Driver goes into ditch, Good Samaritans come to the rescue


Social media has connected a pair of Good Samaritans with the driver they rescued from an Edmonton-area ditch during a recent snow storm.

The Good Samaritans, Nicolas Boucher and Lucas Lemay, helped rescue the driver from the ditch along Edmonton’s Anthony Henday Drive during a snow storm in the area last weekend.

The Edmonton Police Service reported more than 100 collisions last Saturday alone.

“It was a whiteout, couldn’t see anything,” Lemay told CTV Edmonton.

The driver captured dashcam video of the accident. The video shows several cars and trucks on a busy highway during the storm. At one point, a silver truck veers toward the driver’s lane just as the car in front of the driver comes to an abrupt stop. The driver then swerves into the ditch to avoid colliding with either vehicle.

The video shows two other cars were already in the ditch when the driver veered off the road.

The driver took to a Facebook Group called “Shoutout Edmonton,” where users post anonymous messages of acknowledgement, to thank the two men who pulled them out.

“Without even asking if I needed help, (they) just got out, started assessing the situation, grabbed their tow straps and helped me and another guy out of the ditch,” the post states.

“Nice to know there are people who will still help, no questions asked.”

Boucher and Lemay quickly caught wind of the post and connected to the driver through Facebook.

“It’s nice to help people,” Boucher said. “If I ever get in a situation like that, I’d like to think someone would try and help me.”

This incident has earned the pair a little recognition, but they say this wasn’t the only vehicle they rescued that day. Boucher and Lemay helped out five others as well.

With a report from CTV Edmonton’s Angela Jung


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