Brisbane death deemed suspicious by forensic experts days after body discovered


Brisbane death deemed suspicious by forensic experts days after body discovered

Forensic officer at a home in Wynnum West where 36 year old James Switez-Glowacz was found dead on February 8, 2018.

Almost a week after a 36-year-old man was found dead in Wynnum West on Brisbane’s bayside, forensic examination has prompted police to treat the death as suspicious and launch an investigation.

The body of James Switez-Glowacz was discovered inside his apartment by his father last Thursday afternoon.

The apartment was unlocked at the time, but the death was not initially deemed suspicious.

36 year old James Switez-Glowacz was found dead at a Wynnum West home on February 8, 2018.

Detective Inspector Owen Elloy said advice from forensic examiners at the John Tonge Centre had subsequently indicated Mr Switez-Glowacz met with foul play.

“Post-mortem examinations have identified injuries that have contributed to his death and a crime scene warrant has been obtained and forensic officers are working here on the scene as we speak,” he said.

“Unfortunately we’re basically at the behest of the John Tonge Centre.”

Inspector Elloy was asked if he was concerned by the time taken to receive the forensic advice.

“To be honest with you, no.

“Advice from the John Tonge Centre was forthcoming in due course and we rely on the information they provide us.”

But he admitted the victim’s father had thought it was unusual his son’s apartment was unlocked.

“James is very security conscious and, of course, the father arrived to find the house open,” Inspector Elloy said.

Police at a unit in Wynnum West where a man was found dead in February 2018.

“From investigations conducted, he lived alone here at this small, two-bedroom flat.

“I don’t know that he was seeing anyone, I know that he has had relationships in the past and that forms part of the investigation that we’re undertaking.”

Inspector Elloy said detectives were keen to speak to anyone who knew Mr Switez-Glowacz or had spent time with him recently and knew anything about his actions and movements.

He said police had doorknocked people living nearby to ask whether they had seen anything.

“From what I can glean, there’s not too much to have been seen,” he said.










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