Theresa May wooed by ‘inspirational’ Nikki Lilly


Prime Minister Theresa May has been moved by a 13-year-old vlogger born with a facial deformity who yesterday interviewed her.

Mrs May delivered a personal message to Nikki Lilly on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, calling her ‘inspirational’ following their exchange.

In a home-recorded clip, the 61-year-old also thanked the youngster, who suffers from an arterial venous malformation (AVM), for making her a ‘superb’ quiche. 

Nikki originally wanted to make the PM a carrot cake, because of her supposed love for the vegetable, but decided on a quiche because of her type 1 diabetes.

Mrs May’s footage, mocked for its poor quality, came after Nikki grilled her into admitting that she would love to compete on BBC show Strictly Come Dancing.  

In the clip, Mrs May said: ‘Hi Nikki, I hope you’re well. I’m glad you enjoyed coming into number 10 Downing Street and it was great to meet you in person.

‘I think you’re really an inspirational young women who is doing fantastic things, not just with your blogs but also with your great cooking.

‘Can I just say, Phillip and I really enjoyed the quiches you made for us. We had them that evening, they were absolutely superb.

‘Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s absolutely fantastic. And best wishes to your mum and dad, as well.’  

Mrs May’s video message was played after the show’s presenters Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway quizzed her about the interview and her life so far.

Revealing her decision to make a quiche, Nikki said: ‘I did want to make her a carrot cake because I think she loves carrots, but because she is diabetic I wanted to make her something savoury.’

Shepherd described it as a ‘brilliant idea’, but joked that Mrs May could do with a ‘bit of help trying to get her camera in focus.

Upon questioning, Nikki heartbreakingly revealed that she was ‘quite isolated’ when she was diagnosed with an AVM seven years ago.

Viewers were moved by her ordeal, and flocked to Twitter to sing her praises, calling her ‘wonderfully inspiring’, ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’.

She was invited onto the hit show following her interview with Mrs May, when the PM revealed she would like to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. 

Nikki’s interview was broadcast on CBBC this morning. Her disfigurement is caused by an AVM – a tangle of blood vessels under the skin.

Nikki, who has previously interviewed Hollywood star Nicole Scherzinger, landed her biggest interview to date with Mrs May.

She revealed that Mrs May had to ‘take a bit of time to warm up’ to the interview, but ‘was fine’ after she had asked a few questions.  

Nikki, who spoke highly of the PM, added: ‘It was a bit daunting interviewing the head of the country, but I thought she was really nice.

But she struck the hearts of the nation when she revealed it’s ‘not always unicorn and rainbows’ and that her condition ‘is hard’ to cope with.

Explaining how she manages on a day-to-day basis, she added: ‘I try to make the most of every day, otherwise you get stuck in a negative rut.’

‘When I was six, I was diagnosed with AVM and had to give up all activities, dancing, football and any strenuous activities. It left me feeling quite isolated.

‘I’ve always been one of those children who love role-playing and pretending I’m on TV, so one day I decided to film a video on my iPad.’

She then asked her parents if she could upload the footage onto the internet. They were cautious – but allowed her to. 

Speaking about the moment she turned her comments on for the videos, Nikki said: ‘The response was amazing. 

‘Once people began saying “you’re amazing” or “inspirational” my confidence grew.’ She explained she lost her confidence when she was diagnosed with an AVM.

Twitter was full of praise for Nikki. Frazer Fenton wrote: ‘Just watched GMB, with the wonderfully inspiring Nikki Lilly. Great work.’

Craig Crawford added: ‘Wow Nikki Lilly is so mature for a 13 year old … such bravery … courage and seems so lovely [sic].’

Nikki, who won CBBC’s Junior Bake Off last year, was the recipient of a Pride of Britain award in February 2017.

Upon grilling the PM, Mrs May admitted that she cannot dance – despite saying she would like to try the ‘nice costumes’ on BBC show Strictly. 

Asked whether she would rather appear on The Great British Bake Off or Strictly, Mrs May said: ‘Oh gosh, what a choice. Very difficult in different ways.

‘I enjoy watching Strictly – I’m not sure I would do very well at either, but Strictly has some nice costumes.’

The PM said she was leaning towards choosing Strictly, but when asked if she could dance, Mrs May laughed and revealed she couldn’t.

The 61-year-old also spoke of how she was quite shy as a child and explained how she deals with negative comments made about her.  

She said: ‘I was a teenager who actually enjoyed school, enjoyed reading books. I was quite quiet, quite shy. I was an only child.’

‘In politics, you develop quite a thick skin. You get used to it. It is difficult and it happens all the time.’

Mrs May said she had made plenty of fashion faux pas when Miss Lilly complimented her on her leopard print kitten heel shoes.

‘Probably too many,’ she added. ‘One comes to mind which was probably when I was a bit older.

‘You know I like shoes, these are fine, I’m not sure you would say the same about the bright yellow, high platform slingbacks that I remember having at one stage.

‘I don’t think I wore them that often actually. I think I bought them and thought ‘why did I buy these?’.’

She also told how she had a poodle as a child, but that it lost one of his legs when he was hit by a car.

Mrs May said: ‘Yes, we always had a dog. At that stage it was a little poodle but he was knocked over by a car in front of the house and had to have one of his legs amputated so he ended up having three legs but he adapted.’  



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