Promising Treatment For Cancer Cured 97 Percent Of Tumors In Mice – What’s That Mean for People?


A vaccine-like cure for cancer removes 97 percent of tumors in mice successfully and it will soon be tested in humans for the first time. Experts say its translation to human pathology still has a long way to go.

By the end of the year, the therapy will be tested in about 35 people with lymphoma by Researchers from Stanford University. In the treatment, the body’s immune system is stimulated to attack cancer cells. No matter the tumors had spread to other parts of the body In mice studies, mice are used to test the new approach for treating various cancers. The animals were cancer. Some were lymphoma and breast cancer and some were colon cancer. the treatment was successful in 87 out of 90 mice.

The regional director of breast surgery at Northwell Health Cancer Institute, Dr. Alice Police said the idea of human trial is very exiting but she was nervous about the futere success in humans. Because not all treatment success in mice could be translated to human beings.

Police told to a news outlet “We’ve been able to cure a lot of cancers in mice for a long time,”.

As we learn from researchers this treatment is not a vaccine and it means that it does not provide long-lasting immunity against disease. But it is repported that a vaccine-like injection is a part of the treatment. (a “cancer vaccine” can refer to a treatment that’s used to destroy cancer cells that are still in the body and prevent cancer from coming back acording to ASCO)





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