Indian woman ‘sweats’ blood from her eyes 


A woman was cruelly called a witch by her husband due to a rare condition that causes her to ‘sweat’ blood from her eyeballs.

Known only as Geeta, from Bihar, India, her condition is said to get worse every day and caused her disgusted husband to walk out on her last year. 

Geeta’s father, a labourer, feels ‘afraid and helpless’ as his daughter’s disorder has spread to affect other parts of her body.

Dr Vinayak Kumar Singh, who treated Geeta at Sadar hospital, found her blood cell count and clotting is functioning normally. 

Geeta suffers from hematohidrosis, which is painless and is believed to have come on suddenly. 

Similar to Geeta last year a young girl from Thailand was found to bleed from her eyes, nose, ears and skin every time she gets a headache.

Phakamad Sangchai , 7, from Nongkghai, started profusely bleeding at the end of 2016.

Despite receiving treatment at a local hospital, Phakamad continues to suffer from the baffling condition, leaving her family desperate for help.

Phakamed, who is thought to have hematohidrosis, said: ‘I don’t want to be famous, but I just want someone to help me with this mystery illness. It is really spoiling my life and I am so concerned that it will get worse.’  

‘They tell me that only one person in 10 million people gets this sickness.’ 

The condition has also taken its tool on Phakamed’s family as her mother, Nipaporn Khantain, desperately seeks answers to help her daughter’s treatment.

She said: ‘The doctors are not 100 per cent sure what the diagnosis is, we can only hope they will find out soon.’ 



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