Drinking Alcohol More Important Than Exercise to Living Past 90, Study Says


Moderate alcohol consumption may be vital in helping people live past the age of 90, new research suggests. If you want to live to 90, the secret might not be to eat lettuce, take up meditations and do a juice cleanse every fortnight. Why do I actually drink alcohol? Have you ever asked yourself this question? To be relaxed, to have fun, to belong – there are many possible reasons. At the same time we know that alcohol can harm us. We drink anyway. The positive effects seem more important than the possible negative consequences. Why is that?

When people come together, they drink. There is hardly an occasion when we meet family or friends without alcohol. He is so firmly rooted in our society that sometimes you even have to justify yourself if you do not drink.

We grow up in an environment where alcohol is taken for granted and downplayed. At some point, this image also gets stuck in our heads and we take over. So a generally accepted idea is called “social norm”. For adults it is then “normal” to drink alcohol. Who refuses, seems suspicious and maybe even unsympathetic.

Such standards have a strong impact on us. But norms change over time. You can also see that with alcohol. Alcohol consumption in Germany and many other European countries has declined significantly in recent decades. What was still everyday for our grandparents, for example wine or beer during their lunch break, is today rather the exception. Alcohol is taboo in most jobs, even for lunch.

Personal drinking motifs

Because drinking alcohol is “normal” and even socially desirable, we can pursue the desire for a beer, a glass of sparkling wine or a delicious cocktail. And everyone has their own reasons why he or she is drinking right now.

Why do teens drink?

On the whole, young people drink for the same reasons that older people drink. Fun, loosen up, celebration and relaxation are your frequent answers to the question of “why?”. It’s okay if you know your limit and consume alcohol responsibly.

However, if peer pressure or just the availability of alcohol causes you to drink, it can be dangerous. At flatrate parties or at drinking games you may drink more than you want and can tolerate. Our recommendation: Avoid such situations – and if that does not work, first set your personal limit and consider how you can refuse alcohol afterwards.




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