Bollywood Celebrity Trainer Yasmin Loves Exercising Outdoors – Here’s Why You Would Love It Too


Bollywood Celebrity Trainer Yasmin Loves Exercising Outdoors - Here's Why You Would Love It Too

Some people love the thrill and excitement of hitting the gym, working out with fellow fitness enthusiasts and being in a competition with themselves as they constantly look in the mirrors. But there are others who feel that it is too much effort to stick to strict gym schedules and like working out, out in the fresh air. However, the idea of lack of gym equipment or the possibility of doing some exercises without a rod, or a bench seems impossible.

Well, according to celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, some bench exercises can be conveniently done outside. These exercises can be done on a high step or even on a bench in our locality’s parks.

In her latest Instagram post, Yasmin shares a video where she does 5 exercises which can be done outdoors. These exercises include reverse single leg lunge, incline push up with bench jump, triceps dips, jack knife and alternate shuffle on bench.



Yasmin shows how with a little creativity and imagination, many more exercises can be done outdoors. On days when it is beautiful outside and you want to enjoy the weather, exercising outdoors will make your feel refreshed like nothing else.

Here are other reasons why exercising outdoors is great for you:

1. Makes you more efficient to changing environments

There are more challenges when working out outdoors than in the stagnancy of gym. The harder the challenge is, the harder your body works to sustain the required efficiency. Walking, running or hiking in different places helps your body adopt to the changing environments. 

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2. A great way to save time and money

Agree or not, going to the gym, meeting your gym buddies and trainers takes almost an hour extra which you could have spent with your family or with yourself. Working out outdoors doesn’t bind you in any commitment or societal responsibilities. It is a complete ‘me’ time, and the extra hour saved can be devoted anywhere according to your own choice.

Additionally, you spend thousands of rupees in a year on gym fees. You even pay for the day you are unable to go to the gym during emergencies or any other work commitments. But when you swear to work out on your own, you tend to be more responsible and push yourself harder to exercise. Additionally, there is no money involved in that. Working out outdoors works wonders in this case.

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3. Working out outdoors might help burning more calories

If it is windy outside, your body tries to resist the wind which in turn is helpful in burning more calories. In case of a strong tailwind, you will be able to move a little faster. This activates muscle fibres which triggers strength and definition. If the headwind is strong, the body works harder overcoming the resistance. This helps in burning more calories.

4. Working out outdoors is more effective, say studies

Experts say that working out outdoors is far more effective than working out indoors. Some studies suggest that working out outdoors makes you feel more energised, revitalised and positive. In addition to this, you will feel less negative energy and depression by exercising outside. There is a great deal of gratification involved in working out outdoors, say researchers.

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