5 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Having Sex


5 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Having Sex

Who wants to engage in a question-answer session minutes before you decide to get under the sheets! But when it is for your health sake, you must give in to this practice. Irrespective of how long you have been together, there are certain questions you must get answers for. Yes, for the sake of your health and your partner’s, communication is important. And these questions are not just about his or her sexual preferences in bed, these questions are based on the responsibility you have towards yourself and your health.

Not knowing the answers may land you in an emotionally unstable place or even in fatal diseases (if you know what we are talking about)!

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So here’s a list of 5 basic questions you must ask your partner before you get under the sheets with him/her.

1. Have you got yourself tested for HIV? 

This one is a must! You simply can’t miss asking your partner if he or she has been tested for HIV or any other STD. If yes, then did you get treated for it? The consequences of missing something as sensitive as this can worst land you in life-threatening situations.

2. His/her sexual history

The past doesn’t matter, you may feel so, but it does. This is not just for the sake of your relationship, but for the sake of your health. Casual or serious, STDs do not see what kind of relationship you shared with your ex-partners. Also, too many sexual partners can make you more prone to STDs.

3. Are you allergic to latex?

The most commonly used condoms, latex condoms, may not be suitable for everyone. Your partner might be allergic to them. To avoid any ugly situation after sex, like penis or vaginal rashes or hives. You may have to abstain from sex for some time. It may also give you breathing problems, wheezing, itchy eyes and scratchy throat.

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4. Have you been diagnosed for herpes or warts?

Ask if your partner has been diagnosed for herpes or warts. If yes, check if your partner received proper treatment or not. These diseases spread easily through direct contact. You may end up with painful blisters and sores. To prevent any such situation from taking place, it is good to check in advance.

5. Do you mind using a condom?

Some people can be reluctant to use protection. In that case, if you are trying to avoid pregnancy, check if your partner is on birth control or not. Besides this, try to not avoid a condom. It is better to be safe than sorry. Condoms can protect you against STDs which is not the case with birth control. 


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