5 Common And Silly Misconceptions About Male Sexuality


5 Common And Silly Misconceptions About Male Sexuality

Male sexuality is associated with numerous myths and the most common of them all is their Casanova image. About male sexuality, there are some typical stories told to us. Stories we are told to believe that men are of a certain kind, sexually. These stories say that men are only interested in sex; that relationships aren’t something which men want. All these analogies are totally on the basis of women’s experience. However, with time, things have changed for both men and women.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about men:

1. Cheating

Men are often accused or assumed of cheating or having an extra-marital affair. In most cases, it because of the lack of excitement, physically and emotionally, that makes either of the partner go on a cheating path. Instead of assuming men as cheaters, maybe couples should work towards talking to each other more often. They should be open with each other about how to bring newness and freshness in their relationship. This will take them much farther in their relationship.

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2. If men want anal sex, it means they are gay or bisexual

A lot of people think that if men want anal sex, they are either gay or bisexual. However, the reality is that men want anal sex for the purpose of pleasure. Moreover, being gay is more about a person’s identity and choice, rather than just sexual orientation. So just like there is enjoyment and pleasure in trying different sexual positions, enjoying anal sex and wanting it is only a part of the process. We don’t need to judge their sexual orientation because of it.

3. Men watch porn, get obsessed with it and prefer it to sex

There are researches which say that men do love to watch porn and have sex equally. Men would never like only watching porn or only having sex. The two always go hand in hand for men.

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4. Men cannot change

This is another misconception, which was probably true four decades ago, but not at the moment. Around 2 generations ago, guys were of the belief that women should not work, unless required. But this is not the case today. Most men are more than happy in having a working partner who is as independent and empowered as they are. So guys have changed in that way and are trying their best to be comfortable with women coming at par with them.

5. Testosterone

It is often said that men are hornier because of their testosterone levels. While testosterone levels might be responsible for the increased sex drive in men, they do not make men promiscuous. Men might want to have more sex than women, but they would rather have it more number of times with one woman rather than multiple women. 

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